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Laundry Equipment & PPE Gear Drying Cabinets for Fire Departments, Fire Stations and Public Safety

Fire Department Laundry Equipment

Pierce Commercial Laundry Distributors is a leading supplier of commercial laundry machines to fire departments and municipalities in Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida Panhandle. We can help you achieve lower costs, stay on budget and maximize available grant dollars. We're uniquely equipped to handle Request for Proposal and Request for Quote inquiries from local, state and federal government entities in our service area.

Fire Department Turnout Gear Washers

Heavy duty washer extractors from Pierce Commercial are designed to handle your firehouse’s largest laundry loads — including turnouts, bed linens, towels, mats, coveralls and more. Our equipment will also help you meet NFPA laundry guidelines and increase the life of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) through proper maintenance and cleaning.

Fire Department Gear Drying Cabinets

Proper drying of PPE is a critical aspect in keeping firefighters safe and ready for the next call. Fire Gear Drying Cabinets from Pierce Commercial Laundry are specially designed for firefighter’s PPE to be hung inside so warm air can circulate through turnout coats, pants, gloves and boots. Convenient preset programs help your fire station get PPE back in service quickly and efficiently. We sell fireman's PPE gear drying cabinets from the top manufacturers in the industry including ADC, Huebsch and Primus.

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