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Pierce Commercial Laundry is proud to introduce the new Maytag multi-load washer lineup for coin and OPL applications. Thoughtfully designed for performance and durability, the totally redesigned Maytag soft-mount and rigid-mount washers are crafted to meet the rigorous demands of commercial laundry environments. Whether you're a laundromat owner striving to optimize profitability, or a facility manager who needs to maximize operational efficiency, every component has been professionally engineered to go to work for you, day after day. When you choose Maytag Commercial equipment, you choose more than a machine — you get a brand you can trust and a team ready to support you every step of the way. That's Maytag reliability.


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PERFORMANCE — Experience optimal wash performance with a consistent spin-out system for all your tough loads.

DURABILITY — With a robust construction and commercial-grade components, Maytag washers are built to last.

EASE OF USE — Manage system controls and program cycle settings with simplicity, efficiency, and confidence.

SERVICEABILITY — Nearly all service can be performed from the front and top of the machine to save time and money.


Maytag Vended Washer

MAYTAG CONNECT 360°™ TECHNOLOGY — With a Wi-Fi enabled system, Maytag Connect 360°™ Technology* provides the ability to know how washers are performing, in real-time. Our intuitively designed software provides diagnostic reports, maintenance notifications, and automatic updates – to help keep each machine working at full capacity.

POWERFUL ONLINE TOOLS — Receive select diagnostics and alerts for preventative maintenance, and make program changes, remotely via Wi-Fi – or onsite with our USB port.

SERVICE NOTIFICATIONS — Receive alerts for service and maintenance issues to help identify where the problem exists, so technicians can come prepared to repair the washer in a timely fashion.

OVER-THE-AIR-UPDATES — Software upgrades can be made automatically through the built-in WiFi-enabled board or with USB port – keeping every machine constantly updated with the latest technology from Maytag.

24/7 ACCESS TO INSIGHTS — Have access to every machine's diagnostic reports – to better understand, prevent, and solve performance issues, for operational efficiency.

*Requires WiFi and account creation. App features and functionality subject to change.


Our sales team is ready to introduce you to the powerful new line of Maytag Commercial multi-load washers. To schedule a consultation, contact us online or call 1-800-254-9274. Follow the links below to view in-depth Maytag Multi-Load product information and specifications:

Maytag Vended Washers

Maytag New Era in Laundry
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