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Primus Fireman's Gear Drying Cabinet

Primus Fire Department PPE Gear Drying Cabinet

Primus PPE Gear Drying Cabinet

Primus Gear Drying Cabinets from Pierce Commercial Laundry are designed to quickly and efficiently dry firefighter’s turnout gear. It dries gear from the inside by blowing warm air through the hangers into the garment and from the outside by gently blowing warm air from the sides of the cabinet.

Key Features:

  • Dual blower design which sends air through hangers to dry the inside of gear
  • Heated air is gently circulated around the outside
  • Drying process returns gear to service in 1.5 to 3 hours
  • Possibility to dry six full sets (jacket, pants, and liners) of gear at one time
  • Unique rack design for drying gloves, boots, and other items
  • Cabinet features powder-coated panels for long lasting corrosion protection
  • Heavy-duty door hinges equal maximum durability
  • Utility shelf (optional)
  • Easy to operate microprocessor control
  • Five preset drying cycles — easy to re-program
Primus PPE Fire Gear Drying Cabinet

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